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The takeaway: Trade Jennings

Feb 10, 2012 -- 3:34pm

The takeaway: Trade Jennings


Bucks guard Brandon Jennings told ESPN NBA reporter Chris Broussard that he’ll likely “keep his options open” instead of signing long term with Milwaukee.

What was my response after reading those comments?


I like Jennings’ game but I don’t love it and I don’t think he’s franchise cornerstone material. By no means do the Bucks have to trade Jennings because they have him under contract thru next season. But at the same time now might be the time to move him and a certain terrible contract/teammate named Stephen Jackson.

I’ve taken my GM talents to the Trade Machine and here is what I’ve come up with.

Trade One: Bucks, Heat, Jazz

The Bucks would send Brandon Jennings, Stephen Jackson and Ersan Ilyasova to the Miami Heat.

The Jazz would send Devin Harris and Derrick Favors to the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Miami Heat would send Mike Miller to the Milwaukee Bucks. They would send Udonis Haslem and Norris Cole to the Utah Jazz.

First, Bucks fans would love this deal because it would get Jackson’s bad deal/attitude out of town along with Jennings, who will likely lose the fan base with his latest comments. Second, Harris would come back “home” to Milwaukee and hopefully bring his game back to its peak under Scott Skiles. Third, don’t sleep on what a prospect Favors is.

The Heat would be obviously happy with the deal despite having to give up Haslem. They would get a true point, a solid “big” in Ilyasova and a happy Jackson.

Meanwhile the Jazz save some money and they get a good player in Haslem plus a solid prospect in Cole.

Trade Two: Bucks and Hornets

The Bucks would send Brandon Jennings, Drew Gooden and Stephen Jackson to the Hornets.
The Hornets would send Emeka Okafor and Xavier Henry to the Bucks.

This trade would work out great for the Bucks because they get rid of Jackson’s bad attitude and they get a really good player in return. Okafor is almost statistically even with Andrew Bogut and would provide insurance for Bogut’s health or be part of a really good front line with Bogut. Gooden is a nice player with a decent contract but he’s expendable to pick up a good player in Okafor and a decent prospect in Henry.

The Hornets would get a good player in Jennings, and, in theory, a happier Jackson (New Orleans) and a nice piece in Gooden. If the Hornets could convince Gordon and Kaman to re-sign (it becomes easier with Jennings on board) then next year could feature Jennings, Gordon, Ariza, Gooden and Kamen. That sounds like a solid team.

Trade Three: Lakers, Bucks, Nets

The Bucks would send Brandon Jennings to the Los Angeles Lakers
They would send Stephen Jackson to the New Jersey Nets
The Nets would send Jordan Farmar and Jonathan Petro to the Bucks.
The Lakers would send Devin Ebanks to the Bucks.

*The trade machine doesn’t have an option for draft picks but in this deal I would send two first round picks to the Bucks.

If you include the draft picks from the Lakers, in a deep draft, this trade works out for everyone. The Nets get Jackson, who is friends with Dwight Howard, the Lakers get a much needed point guard and the Bucks get picks, salary cap relief, a better locker room and some serviceable players.

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