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And The Winner Is...

Feb 03, 2012 -- 11:04am

by Bill Johnson (


I really hope the Patriots win.


I'm just so tired of hearing about the Giants.


This has led many people in my position to poor decisions over the years. I recognize that. Decisions shouldn't just be made based on emotion. 


With that, here's my prediction:




The funny part is that after I made it clear earlier in the week that I thought the Patriots would win, messages from listeners/followers started trickling in. Messages questioning my sanity. Messages insinuating that my cheese had slipped off the cracker, and that I should either have 24 hour professional supervision or be restrained to my bed.


This is what it's come to.


The Patriots finished the regular season at 13-3, the number one seed in the AFC tournament. They scored 513 points in 16 games, over 32 per game. Yes, their defense was porous, but they outscored their opponents by nearly 10 points per game. Loosely defined, the average Patriots game was a blowout in their favor.


They're really good.


Yes the Giants are on a roll, similar to the one the Packers went on last season. They put themselves in a position where they had to win the rest of their games. Much like the 2010 Packers, they did. Much like the 2010 Packers, good fortune has smiled upon them too.


The Packers success last season seems to have convinced many of you that "the little engine that could" always putt-putts it's way over the mountain.


More often then not, it doesn't work out that way.


Ask the 1979 Rams. They were 9-7, but Vince Ferragamo played them into the Super Bowl versus the Steelers. They had a guy with a broken leg that refused to come out (Jack Youngblood.) It wasn't enough to get them past the better team that had been there before.


Same story with the Eagles the following season, the Patriots in 1985 (yikes, remember that one!), the Bengals in 1988, the Broncos in 1989, the Steelers in 1995, the Seahawks in 2005.... the list goes on.


Fans and media fall in love with the underdog, especially when they come from America's largest media market.


It's wishful thinking on the part of the "unbiased" media, many of which cheered lustily when Scott Norwood missed from 47 yards and proudly wore their little Phil Simms jersey when they were growing up in East Orange.




I know how it works.


If I'm wrong, I won't hear the end of it.


If I'm right, I'll hear crickets.


PS: Kelly Clarkson will nail the Anthem, and in about 1 minute 18 seconds.

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