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Menomonee Falls
Favorite sport?
It depends on what we're talking about. I like to cover baseball. I like to watch pro football. And, I like to play basketball and two-man beach volleyball.
Favorite team?
Any cross country, track or soccer outfit that my daughter is affiliated with gets my undying allegiance. I’m in the market for a favorite Premier League team. If you have suggestions, hit me up.
Favorite athlete?
Too many to mention, but I'll try: Dwight Stones, Wayne Gretzky, Don Smolinski, Dooley Womack, Jeff Cirillo, Peter Bakovic, Robin Yount, Shaq, Brett Favre, Suzy Favor-Hamilton, Karch Kiraly, Chris Chelios, Jose Valentin, Steve Sparks and the Milwaukee Bucks Dance Team.
Most memorable sports moment?
As a reporter, it would likely be covering the 2001 World Series, the 1994 Stanley Cup playoffs, Super Bowl XLV and or any of a number of state high school championship games.
As a participant, it would be fouling out of a high school game in roughly 5 minutes (long story).
Favorite thing about sports?
Being in a quiet stadium or arena in the hours before and after a highly-anticipated game.
If you could change one thing/rule about any league, what would you change?
I can’t limit myself to one…. 
If a college coach leaves a university, by choice, in the middle of his contract, players should be allowed to transfer to another school and be immediately eligible. 
Baseball should do away with the four-pitch intentional walk. Just point to first base and get on with it. 
Baseball official scorers should have the option of giving a “team error.” When a popup falls between three players, it should not be a hit. 
NASCAR and Indy Car races should have “halftime” and switch directions so they can make right turns, too. 
PGA Tour players should be allowed to wear shorts. 
Wide receivers in the NFL should only be required to have one foot in bounds in order to make a legal catch. 
If you could live the life of one pro athlete for a day, whose life would you choose?
Forget the athletes. I’d want to be Bob Uecker — coolest guy on the planet.
Years in broadcast?
More than a decade. Started doing weekly hits with "Bax and Dobie" on WQFM a loooong time ago. Started doing regular hits with Bob and Brian during the 1998 baseball season. Began "The D-List" as a Saturday morning show in 2004 and went daily in 2005. Began TV work for Fox Sports Wisconsin in 2009. Started “Big 12 Sports Saturday with 540 ESPN” in 2012.
First job? First job in the business?
Worked as an editorial assistant (messenger) in The Milwaukee Journal newsroom during college. The hours were brutal, but I occasionally scored some free books and records and got to meet the sports guys. I parlayed that into a career as a sports writer, in part because the messenger work station was adjacent to the sports desk. 
First, or best, childhood sports memory?
Again, too many to mention. Won a long ball hitting contest on the field at County Stadium as a sixth grader on Menomonee Falls Night. Saw Hank Aaron hit a homer for the Brewers and Glenn Rivers drain a half-court shot at the buzzer for Marquette to beat Notre Dame. Mostly, I remember waking up as a 6- or 7-year-old and having my dad tell me what happened in the previous night's Brewers/Bucks/Marquette game. Maybe that's why I got into sports writing.
Favorite non-sport related activity?
Following Bruce Springsteen around the country and spending time with family, but not in that order.
Favorite Milwaukee spots?
The seat next to Tom Haudricourt at Miller Park. The patio at Leff's Lucky Town. Any place on the Summerfest grounds during the festival. Courtside at the Bradley Center. Wolski's after midnight. George Webb's on Saturday morning.
Nickname? Origin of nickname?
I don't really have a nickname, unless you count "Drew." I was known as Andy through school, but my cousin Chris -- who served as my babysitter for one summer -- heard my mom call me Andrew in a burst of anger and started calling me "Drew Pearson" after the popular Cowboys receiver of the day. Over the years, it worked its way into the mainstream use. Journal Sentinel sports editor Garry Howard made the change in my byline in the mid-1990s and the rest is history.
Advice to listeners?
"Avoid the clap. Jimmy Dugans.
“Set it to 540 AM and RIP OFF THE KNOB….” 


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