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Tom Haudricourt

Tom began covering the Brewers for the Milwaukee Sentinel back in 1985. He left Milwaukee briefly to work for the Bergen Record in New Jersey and returned to resume his role as Brewers/MLB writer for the Journal Sentinel in April 2003. 

University of  Virginia

Richmond, Va.

Favorite sport? Why?
College basketball. You can't match the passion.

Favorite team?
Don't really have one. Used to like the Redskins before their owner ruined them.

Favorite athlete?
Hank Aaron

Most memorable sports moment?
I was there when Cal Ripken, Jr. broke Lou Gehrig's streak. That was a special night because I don't think anyone will come close to breaking that record again.

Favorite thing about sports?
It's not the real world.

If you could change one thing/rule about any league, what would you change?
The alternate possession rule in college basketball is nuts. It doesn't reward good defense every time, like it should.

If you could live the life of one pro athlete for a day, whose life would you choose?
Well, I won't say Tiger Woods. Maybe the Big Tomato. Nothing seems to faze him.

Years in broadcast?
Well, I'm a long-time print guy, so this broadcast stuff if fairly new to me. I've been doing bits here and there for years. This regular gig on ESPN 540 Milwaukee is only a few years old.

First job? First job in the business?
My first newspaper job was at the Manassas Journal Messenger, and I was actually hired before I graduated from college.  Looks like I stuck with it, huh?

First, or best, childhood sports memory?
My dad took me and my brother to Baltimore to see Johnny Unitas play. I figured out later how cool that was.

Favorite non-sport related activity?
Walking my two dachshunds, Brundy and Basil. Best weiner dogs ever put on this planet.

Favorite Milwaukeespot?
This one stumped me, so maybe I don't have one. I'll go with a favorite Wisconsin place, Door County. But only in the winter, when it's quiet.

Nickname? Origin of nickname?
"Prince of Darkness" was started by former Brewers manager Phil Garner, who actually liked me. Drew Olson gave it legs.

Advice to listeners?
Don't take too many things I say seriously.