ESPN Wisconsin

Lisa Urdiales


Director of Marketing and Operations 

Universityof Minnesota– Twin Cites
Racine, Wisconsin
Favorite sport? Why?
NFL Football. Just love it!
Favorite team?
Favorite athlete?
KobeBryant/Adrian Peterson
 Most memorable sports moment?
When Brett Favre became a Viking! Yeah Buddy.
Favorite thing about sports?
I just like the excitement of big games and upsets.
If you could change one thing/rule about any league, what would you change?
Shot clocks for High School basketball. Also make college basketball four quarters.
If you could live the life of one pro athlete for a day, whose life would you choose?
Shaq, he is eight times my size.
Years in broadcast?
Three years working for ESPN Milwaukee.
First job? First job in the business?
My first job was for my favorite pizza place in Racine, Ferraro’s Pizza. First job in the industry would be working here. Also had two really successful internships while in Minnesota.
First, or best, childhood sports memory?
While playing basketball in High School I was selected to shoot a basket at half-time for a $1,000 savings bond and made it!
Favorite non-sport related activity?
Believe it or not I love playing video games. I like working on puzzles too, keeps my mind thinking. :)
Favorite Milwaukee spot?
Mongolian Grill
Nickname? Origin of nickname?

Advice to listeners?
Enjoy life while you can.

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